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inches of rain outside l.a. this weekend. that's a big storm. the one going through new england right now, a smaller storm. it's still warm from kansas city to texas, florida is warm. it's mild. but once you get to washington, d.c., it gets a little cooler in the 40s. once you get to new england, it's in the 30s. that's where the problems are this morning. a weak storm system, not a lot with it. just a little bit of moisture. but it's going to be the borderline temperatures and that's why we're going to see areas in snow in areas like boston. hartford, probably seeing a little bit of snow this morning. new york city could get some sleet, changing over to rain. here's the storm system, just enough cold air in place that we're getting this wintry mess. on our radar, the green and the yellows is the rain. the pink is the freezing rain or sleet and the white is snow. it's snowing pretty good now, the northeast corner of pennsylvania, even the highest elevations of northwest new jersey are getting snow. these are areas that were 70 degrees on friday and now this morning, you're waking up to so
in new england, a high of only 24 in march. that's kind of rare for boston. and if boston is 24, you know the rest of new england is colder than that. and even areas around d.c. will be chillier tomorrow. tranquil, no big storms, but that temperature will get your attention tomorrow here in the east. >> bill, thank you. >>> coming up, oil see-saws back up. good news on retail. and an apple unveiling. your your first look at business headlines is straight ahead. >>> the magic put a spell on the knicks, the heat have a new point guard, plus an incredible finish with plenty of backbone. everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. [ laughs ] not funny. act my age? -why? -why? -why? i love the sun. past sun goddess. every line has a story. [ female announcer ] we all age differently. now there's roc multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer with roc®retinol and antioxidants. a lifetime of stress lines, sun damage, and worry wrinkles will fade
in northern new england. it was like midwinter. upstate sections of newark to the adirondacks -- of new york to the adirondacks it was chilly this morning. afternoon through northern new england. we talked out around 50 degrees in baltimore. 52 at the inner harbor. the normal is 54 degrees. we actually ended up a bit below normal by a couple of degrees. the record low it goes back to 1993. we had a big blizzard rolled through on the 13th of march and a couple of days later on the 15th. snow was on the ground and skies were clear but the record low at 10 degrees. a rather high amount of mold in the atmosphere. some of this polland and pulte will be cleared out tonight and it tomorrow morning. -- me of this polland and and mold will be cleared out tonight into tomorrow morning. a swirl of clouds the to back to the center of the storm over parts of western ohio. it is tracking to the lakes and up toward new england. some rain is expected tomorrow until the morning rush-hour. high pressure will build in behind it and the clearing trend will bring a sick and get warm up. showers overnight, ending
're going to watch a decent day in new england. it's a cool start for you, but not as bad as the last couple of morpgs. boston, 44 and sunny. enjoy it while it lasts because we have an april surprise heading for you as we go through friday. veronica, that storm system down in the gulf, that's going to move up the east coast. as i mentioned, it will be an april surprise for people in new england. more on that coming up. >> i'm waiting for the day when you're going to give me some good news, bill karins. >> not yet. >>> oil business profits, japan's parts shortage worsens and the newest william and kate products hit the market. >>> plus, hear why george clooney's name is being mentioned along with world leaders, orgies and prostitute peps. >>> coming up, sweet revenge for the cavaliers. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm veronica de la cruz. here are some of your top headlines this morning. a wisconsin judge has issued a new order blocking that state's controversial law eliminating rights for bargaining workers. she said her previous ruling
england could have a major snow across interior new england late far night into friday morning. one of the reasons we did not see a lot of rain is because of severe storms in florida rob the moisture. we will not see this until probably some time friday, because there will be another storm to take its place march night in friday morning. this will keep us in the unsettled winter pattern. through the day tomorrow it will be mostly cloudy. around first pitch it will be around 44 degrees in cloudy skies. through the afternoon light rain or drizzle developing. maybe a steady rain tomorrow night. once again dealing with mixed precipitation around here. by friday afternoon just as the folks in new england are getting ready for snow, we will see a little sunshine. a nice weekend. an early morning shower on saturday. another system next week by monday and tuesday. that is the very latest. >>> the toyota sports desk. moving you forward. >> none the less we are getting ready for this season to start. you had steven straw spurred they're just a few minutes ago. how is his elbo
the radar. you notice that we're okay in the areas of new england. we have shower activity down there around new york. now if you're out toward buffalo and rochester, the syracuse area, that's where we got some light snow thappening. a coating on roads and cars, but that will be the worst of it. we're watching pretty strong thunderstorms north of tampa. look at the lightning strikes, all the dots with the white. those are active lightning strikes. if you're around gainesville, heading to the florida turnpike or north on 75, it's going to be a slow ride. as far as the nor'easter goes, already winter storm warnings have been issued for the albany, new york, area northwards, vermont, new hampshire, mountains of maine. this is going to be an interior new england special. cities like boston, providence, hartford, new york city, you'll see some snow, but nothing like they'll see in the interior. areas like big cities, maybe a slushy inch or so, but it's interior new england. this bull's eye of one to two feet over the mountains of vermont, new hampshire, and maine. albany, new york, to burlington,
in the great lakes or new england. you walk out the door and is you're like, where is spring? temperatures are in the 18 to 22 degrees when you factor in windchills. it's not much better in kansas city. the storm system that went through and off the east coast yesterday, now safely off the coastline. that drew down cold air from canada and that cold front made its way from georgia into north florida. so it's chilly out there for everyone on the eastern seaboard. we're going to warm up and stay mild in texas and there's that exception. there's the rain and snow mix. kansas city is mostly rain. north of there, around st. joseph, we've been in and out of snow overnight and we have snow being reported over omaha that's trying to shift over the southern half of iowa. there may be some coupled areas. travel shouldn't be too bad. forecast today, still nice in florida, but much cooler. about 20 degrees cooler in atlanta. nice in areas of texas. that's all we can do for you today in new england. highs in the 30s. that's a look at your friday forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your
-- unfortunately, a cold. er ed that will settle in over new england. not just today but over the next couple of days. this morning we're dealing with what happened last night with the sleet and the snow, the freezing rain out there, too. temperatures, freezing line, somewhere around trenton this morning. from there northward you probably have a little ice to deal with. th g ystdaouby pisbgh wiereaer advisors er it could be icy and snowy, coastal connecticut back into the high country and a little mountainous area of northwest jersey and pennsylvania near the poconos. a lot of snow is leaving. it was going to be daybe another coating out here, up to an inch in areas from cape cod to coastal rhode island. a little by albany, too. we're just about done with all the snow in the system. should be exiting southern new england as we go throughout the mid morning. temperatures will warm up at least into 30s and 40s this afternoon. whatever is out there should be melted bit end of the day. temperatures will cool and it will be cloudy. even tomorrow doesn't look much better. >> bill, thanks. >>> well,
, cold this morning. a lot of people will be complaining as they walk out the door in new england especially. yesterday the cold blast hit the northern plains. i put the question mark on this. is this our last arctic outbreak? is this morning what you're going to feel? the coldest it's going to be until next winter. i think there's a very good chance that this is it. that's the only positive spin i can put on this this morning. temperatures are now about 20 to 15 degrees colder at this time right now than what you experienced yesterday when you walked out the door. we're not going to warm it up in the northern plains, but they were so cold yet that the 8-degree windchill is warming it up in minneapolis. in boston, right now it's minus 6. all of northern new england is easily below 0 this morning. big cities, d.c. to new york, in the low teens. philly at 11, hartford down to 1 for your windchill. 's a very cold -- it's a very cold middle of the winter-type morning. at least it's sunny, but it will be a slow warmup. boston, only 21 for your high, ridiculous considering the sun ainge
here. rain this morning. not too much snow. a little wintry precip moving up to new england. heavy rain, you're leaving your door now to new york city and new jersey, heavy rain is on its way. philadelphia area up to southern jersey and thunderstorms swept off of the coast of maryland. this is all going to move through long island, connecticut, providence right through the heart of the rush hour this morning. it will be gone by noon today. heavy rain early. a look at the radar. filling up quickly here from philly to new york. the rest of the country looks okay today. it's from boston to new york this morning with weather concerns. >> thanks so much. >>> coming up, worries about japan stock dips and commodities and drives down the price you pay at the pump. >>> coming up, the knicks can't keep pace at indy. march madness begins with the first four. you're watching first look on msnbc. how are you getting to a happier place? running there? dancing there? how about eating soup to get there? campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healt
're excited for the weekend. yesterday, horrible windchills up through new england. it's still cold. windchills 11 in boston. not quite as bad. we will warm it up five to ten degrees from yesterday. the big story is what will happen in the middle of the country. not severe weather, this time more or less a heavy rain event for you. the storm system is coming out of texas. this will be like moving at turtle pace. it will start in texas. as we go through sunday night into monday, it's going to be here somewhere near new york city. it will take that long to move across the country. that's why we're worried about flooding. we already had rain. if you are heading out from green bay to milwaukee, chicago, grab the umbrella. much of indiana will see showers today. light snow and maybe a bit of freezing drizzle around cleveland and northern ohio. the rain will pick up as we go throughout the day as temperatures warm up. we have flood watches in effect. last weekend we had the heavy rain. we had all the snow melt. now we have flood watches. that's this area that's lighter color from lexingto
up through northern new england. this is where we have rain showers this morning. not a lot out there. areas in vermont, new hampshire, maine, carry that umbrella. so the forecast today, new york city has a chance, 70 that may be pushing t but it will be close. 76 in d.c., should be great. 80 in atlanta. a perfect day for you. chicago, little bit cooler. as we go through the weekend, the temperatures do dip. that front clears through areas like d.c. so it's not going to be as warm as this weekend. today will be by far the warmest day of the next couple. this is just the reward. it continues. there's no snow. there's no big storms in sight. so, a nice, quiet forecast. >> exactly. we waited long enough for it. thanks. >>> stocks rebound, more signs of a strengthening economy, and who is bragging about being america's number two soda? your "first look" at the business headlines is straight ahead. >>> coming up, the upsets, the buzzer beaters, march madness at its finest on day one of the ncaa tournament. ♪ [ lane ] here's the trouble with most anti-wrinkle creams. the cream disappears
-- most sport count are around -- sobor counts are around 63. offshore new england, the clouds are producing some drizzle and a new disturbance down to the south will be coming our way today. this will be the storm will be watching as it progresses to the north and starts to move up the coast. how big this gets, that is the kind of the question. it looks like it will be more of a problem for pennsylvania, new jersey and new england in the next 24-36 hours, and not us. it will give us a chance for some rain and maybe a touch of snow here and there. but much higher accumulations of snow once you get into pennsylvania and northern new jersey and on into new england. if you have travel plans tomorrow, keep that in mind. our forecast is addi, mostly cloudy, mostly light rain or drizzle in our forecast. east-northeast winds and -- at about 10. cowart insta-weather futurecast shows that by 9:00 p.m. this evening the rain activity should increase the bid as this next disturbance comes in and with a steady rain shower and not just the drizzle. we have also had some snow out to the west
. eventually, the storm is going to make its way to new england. we'll talk about that later in the show. new york city could see accumulating snow. yeah, springtime. >> that's a good way to put it. yeah. thank you so much. >>> stocks roar, buffett is bullish and the royal couple to be choose their american charity. that's straight ahead. >>> coming up, the nhl lays down the hammer. tennessee is looking for a new basketball coach and what is wrong with the knicks. i'm good about washing my face. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] introducing purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals. developed with dermatologists... it's clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt and toxins and purify pores. and with natural willowbark it contains no dyes, parabens or harsh sulfates. dirt and toxins do a vanishing act and my skin feels pure and healthy. [ female announcer ] new purifying facial cleanser from the new line of neutrogena naturals. [ female announcer ] new purifying facial cleanser how are you getting to a happier place? running there? dancing there? how ab
in new england. southern half of the face still very warp, you're enjoying it, no problems for you. colder air has moved in to the northern plains. but up through the great lakes, pennsylvania and now through the mid-atlantic, our storm system is moving. light rain in philadelphia. and the white on this map, this is snow that is falling in areas new binghamton, the higher terrain outside of syracuse and also now snow being reported in the poconos. and it looks like rain for areas of new jersey. may see snowflakes if northwest jersey. eventually it will move through new england. temperatures are cold enough especially in the adirondacks and maine that we'll pick up snow. so we're expecting 6 to 12 inches in the announce continues. lower he will indicatielevation an inch.announce continues. lower elevations, probably only an inch. a lot of people will see snow and won't be happy about it. as i mentioned, beautiful from texas to florida. and there is that wet weather and cool weather from new york up through boss on. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. sunny and nice
out there. temperatures are very typical for the end of winter. it's cool in new england this morning. then there's the rain heading through the atlanta area. so atlanta to montgomery, that's not going to be the most fun drive as you go on 85 today and across 20 to birmingham. this is a solid sheet of rain and imbembedded thunderstorms ae go throughout your morning hours. we have flooding on a lot of rivers, along the ohio river and the mississippi. the rain yesterday didn't help. but this isn't a huge prolific rain event. we're talking maybe up to an inch is expected here around indianapolis. there's the area of rain around montgomery and birmingham. tonight and tomorrow, we'll see an area of heavier rain through central new york, pennsylvania. and area also could see minor additional flooding from that rain. today's forecast, sunny but cold up in new england. there's the rain in atlanta and showery weather in minneapolis. pretty nice day, though, in florida and in texas. that's a look at your tuesday forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. chance of showers
in the forecast -- even in new york and new england, as we head towards st. patrick's day, we could see temperatures in the 60s. so, yeah, we'll take a peek at that coming up. >> i've got my pom-poms, right here. >> they better be green. >>> the fallout from japan's earthquake will affect wall street. oil does a u-turn and new leaked documents on bank of america. your first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. >>> first for dwight howard, the bucks hit a new low, plus grab a pen and fill out the bracket. march madness is here. you're watching fist look on msnbc. what can you do with plain mashed potatoes? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetable soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™ -why? -why? -why? [ female announcer ] we all age differently. roc® multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer with roc®retinol and antioxidants. lines, wrinkles, and sun damage will fade. roc multi-correxion. correct what ages you. >>> welcome back to "first look," i'm veronica dela cruz, here are some top s
of stronger thunderstorms. tampa, look at you, 83 and sunny. gorgeous weather. new england gets a break today before tomorrow. lynn, snow, severe weather and guess twho is going to get snow tomorrow night? >> let me guess. >> areas in new england. >> i can imagine. bill, thanks so much. >>> stocks roar, buffett is bullish and the royal couple to be choose their english charity. >>> yet another head shaking twist ahead in the ongoing diagram 345 that is charlie sheen. >>> coming up, the nhl lays down the hammer, tennessee is looking for a new basketball coach and what in the world is wrong with the knicks? you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here are some of your top headlines this morning. nbc news has learned just ten days after being hired to provide security at an american military base in afghanistan, an afghan man suddenly attacked u.s. soldiers over the weekend, killing two and wounding for hour. he was shot and killed by soldiers returning fire. a total of nine soldiers have been killed by rogue afghan personnel in the pas
storm coming for northern new england. a lot of the country is murky. that includes areas from buffalo to syracuse right along the east coast. don't count on sunshine today. back into the west, we have rain showers and snow showers in the northern plains. but the big action is going to take place southeast and up the east coast over the next 24 to 48 hours. this first storm, that's not the nor'easter. that first storm is heading out to sea. it's this area with the storm in the gulf and xwieping with the area in the middle of the country is going to combine to make our big storm. we have rain and snow from syracuse to buffalo to rochester. winter storm warnings are now becoming widespread from burlington through new hampshire, in the mountainous areas of maine, and even by albany, new york, and the mountains of massachusetts. we're expecting heavy snow as far south as the poconos in northwest new jersey. how much snow? areas like albany could see up to a foot especially if you're in any of the higher elevations. hartford, providence, boston, new york, this will be a minor snow event, mo
in effect for much of central florida. that will track along the coast and head for new england as the last remnants of winter turned cold hang on. it will be a significant snowfall to the west and to the poconos on into western maine. boston will probably see a mixture of it, but central and western massachusetts will likely see some snow accumulation. it will taper off tomorrow afternoon, but another storm comes through on saturday with more scattered rain and snow showers. the second half of the week might be a bit better for outdoor activity and warmer. for the middle of next week, it will finally start to feel like spring. winter storm warnings for northeast pennsylvania into new england. the potential is there for a six to 12 inch snowfall of the new england and maybe three to 6 inches in the higher elevations of west virginia. it is possible a trace of sleet or snow may mix in in the colder suburbs around baltimore. tomorrow, a wintry mix in the morning, a variable clouds in the afternoon a small craft advisory on the bay. again, i nor'easter passing by. the wind kicks up the waves o
in the northern plains. chicago, 36. the rain and snow will be with us early this morning in southern new england and then it will go gone by the this afternoon. then all that cold air rushes in through new england. we're still nice in texas and many areas along the gulf coast. if you're watching us on whag tv haegerstown, maryland, see a portraits painted over 200 years ago at the washington county museum of fine arts. that's your "early today" event of the day. >> bill, thanks. >>> now here's a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. few artists can live up to the billing larger than life. but elizabeth taylor was one of those few. she died yesterday at the age of 79 from congestive heart failure. nbc's stephanie stanton takes a look back at taylor's remarkable career. >> elizabeth taylor was the icon of a hollywood icon. taylor first rose to stardom when she was just a teenager in "national velvet." she went on to star in doesz of hollywood film wes b including "cat on a hot tin roof" and cleopatra. she earned five academy acard nominations and won two oscars. she was the first woma
for new england through tomorrow. that is going to be probably a foot of snow in some parts of new england. they are going to get pounded by an early april snowfall. around here, temperatures dropping down into the 30's. mostly cloudy tomorrow. another great day with a few morning sprinkles. then the coming breezy. at least temperatures will be becoming warmer. i am gaining confidence in our saturday sunshine. the weekend is looking pretty good. back up near 60 degrees. a little bit of sunshine goes a long way and it makes it feel a lot nicer. >> we need them. >>> have you seen this video? there is a neon green creek that raised some eyebrows in prince george's county. hazmat technicians from the fire department say it was non-toxic dye that caused the discoloration. fire officials say despite the disturbance appearance, the dye poses no health risks. the d.c. metro area is home to some of the region's healthiest counties, but the news is not all good. arlington, fairfax and let's do county is among virginia's most healthiest counties. the institute ranked printer is county and the distric
showers up in new england. not along the cold front. maybe a few sprinkles in st. louis. there were some sprinkles near cleveland. some shower activity in the plains states. the front of like it will pass through dry today. the flow of air ahead of that front will warm us up considerably. how much rain have we had? so far, 4.29 inches. leaves us with a surplus of 2.10. for the year, we're running about 9.25. that also includes some snow. the ground is wet. we do not need any rain. 49 degrees in annapolis. 48 in edgewood. parkton, 46. frederick, 45. oakland, 55 degrees. satellite image shows a kind of a cloudy band along or that front is. some of the-clouds that have been over russ, but not a major star -- some of the high, thin clouds that have been over us. maybe a couple of spotty showers along the front. the key is the mild flow of air. today.mid 70's for highs unseasonably mild. the wind will be five to 10 miles per hour. very little activity along the front. around here, in the mountains, maybe if you showers associated with that front as it pushes to thin. toward daybreak, there co
the ball ahead to zach and me knocks it down and see the hand ball and the rest don't see anything and new england up, 17-0 and on the pk and can not handle it. same score, charlie davies for united pk and beats him. the third goal of the first two games and it's too little too late. united falls 2-1. >> and that arnold palmer invitational, shot a 4-under 61 today, and -- yesterday, and not good. misses the double bogy putt and on 16, tiger hitting the second shot out of the bunker and this is not good either and this is going into the drink. 2-over 74, 10 shots back of the leader and the top dog right now, martin layered -- martin laird on 16 and enters the final round at 11-under, two shots ahead of spencer lavine. >>> off the wall is coming up next. wisdom martin, we're talking about the best college basketball teams you have seen in a tournament. >> and you'll be surprised. >> what about ochoc inco. >> next. with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you. -it was like, "wow!" -bam! [ male announcer ] decisions don't get any easier than this. now you can move up t
you are dry today, though, during the day from philly northward up through new england. we'll talk more about that forecast for new england. and veronica, you know how the saying goes -- march comes in like a lion out like a lamb? this is going to be one angry lamb throughout the next couple of days. talking snowstorms in new england. more coming up. >> i'll check back when you have a better forecast. thanks. >> maybe middle of april. >>> oil businesses profit, japan's parts shortage worsens, and the latest william and kate product to hit the market. the first look at business headlines is straight ahead. >>> coming up, the women's final four is set, thunder and warriors near overtime, and revenge for the cavaliers. [ female announcer ] in the past 10 years these 4 brands took home more allure best of beauty awards than any others. pantene... olay... venus & gillette... and secret. the four most awarded brands. keeping you your most beautiful from head to toe. a living, breathing intelligence that's helping business rethink how to do business. in here, inventory can be taught to le
the northeast. more snow in new england. temperatures in the '30s up there. we have warmed near 70 in some spots around baltimore. that milder air is trying to move in, along with a few shattered -- scattered showers. there is a front that may clip parts of the southern suburbs through the early evening. the showers will primarily trek across the west virginia panhandle into northern virginia. they are developing along the leading edge of the cold front over new england. expect temperatures to drop. maybe even a little snow before the week is over in parts of maryland. we will detail that in a few minutes. >> the unrest in libya is leading to more political anxiety in the united states. u.s.-led attacks continued. president obama said america will take a back seat. politicians are demanding to know the exit plan. more on the unrest in the middle east, from capitol hill. >> last week, they looked doomed. but eastern rebels today have new hope, thanks to american f- 15 pilots and british pilots, french pilots. they are hammering gaddafi's forces again today. the coordinated attack that president o
with a bang on friday with a potential nor'easter. we're talking even significant snow in new england on friday. that's april fools' day. i wish i was kidding. as far as right now, nothing quite as dramatic as that. we had a lot of heavier rain yesterday in areas of florida, especially down there in the orlando area, tampa, stare ra sew ta, naples got hit with heavy rain. now here is a little bit of that light snow in iowa. a storm system coming in shore on northwest. now, as far as the rain goes out there right now, the worst of it maybe down in miami, also it looks like areas outside of naples and sarasota. the keys may get some showers. but that's going to be about the worst of it. as far as the snow goes, it's very light, not much in the way of accumulations out there in areas of iowa. the cold air continues. the high pressure around the great lakes is very chilly air. as far as the snow goes, it's the light stuff along interstate 80 from des moines into the davenport area. showing showers around homestead and around naples. late today and this afternoon, we're going to watch thun
. we have cooled it off a little bit, especially across areas of the northern plains and new england is going to be cooler today, too. we have clouds and rain out there. it's still going to be a very warm day today, from texas through the southeast. that's where you're going to appreciate it. the only wet weather, our friends up in vermont and new hampshire and maine got a little going through from burlington, albany, new york took a shower or two, especially around saratoga, some may kick through portland, maine, too. that's about it. there's not a lot of bad weather. warmest temperatures will be in florida where it will be in the 80s. dallas today in new york, too. new york city to d.c. should sneak into the 70s. enjoy a wonderful friday. that's a look at your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. st. louis today, chance of thunderstorms as that front goes through. there's not going to be a lot of with wet weather on that front. hit and miss. birmingham, alabama, 81 beautiful degrees today. miami, cooler in detroit, but we'll take it, 59. lynn, w
. by the time it's all said and done, southern new england will have enough snow for a little shoveling. that's a look at your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. thunderstorms widespread today as that line goes through the ohio valley, even areas to the south are looking at thunderstorms, too. could be on the stronger side. watch out in nashville, also atlanta. milwaukee for you, it's a nasty mess of weather during the morning. lynn, i'll be happy when this storm is gone. but it's going to take a little bit. >> you and me both, bill. thank you. >>> stocks fall but the market comes. winter keeps climbing and big bailout process. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. plus, chris brown throws an angry, violent tantrum when asked about his past violence. >>> coming up, tim duncan trades in his jersey for crutches. the capitals get it down without their stars and the bulls run through atlanta. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here are some of your top headlines this morning
. they are happy about this and ecstatic when they take a train ride across the united states to new england to their new homes. on the way, by the way, they are robbed by remanents of yes sigh james gang. they have these dimestore adventures, but nothing prepares them for the real adventure they are about to have which is when they begin their lives with their adopted families in new england. when they arrive there, they understand very quickly that life is going to be very strange here. they land, disembark, have these beautifully braided cues they had to wear and long flowing silk gowns as customary, and, of course, the american kids call them chinese girls which makes them very, very upset. when they left china and said good-bye to their fathers and mothers for 15 years, they made emotional gestures which are three bows. their mothers here hug and kiss them which mortifies them to no end. the culture seems very strange. this doesn't last long. within a few months, definitely within the year, these kids are thriving. they pick up horse back riding, rifle ri, start their own baseball team
of the country, where it's cold at least it will be sunny and dry from new york to boston up through new england and northern plains. the southeast, it's either raining or wet or rather cold where you are. so that's how it's going to look. now here's a look at the weather where you are. philadelphia 45 and sunny. phoenix, arizona one of the only spots in the country seeing temperatures on the warm side. 82. oklahoma city, cloudy and 55 today. chicago, cold for you.'s the be. >>> a bankruptcy filing looms along with a supreme court battle for a mega retailer. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. plus a bullied teen delivers quite a punch at the weekend box office. >>> coming up, the final four is set, but not before another shocking upset in the ncaa tournament. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. welcome back to "early today." here are some of your top headlines this morning. the syrian government has deployed security forces after a weekend of violence which left 12 dead and more than 150 wounded. this comes in response to a wave of unrest that has brought scen
"early today." >>> welcome. let's talk about the snowfall for the nor'easter in new england. interior england, who will get hit the most? from portland, boston, hartford, maybe an inch or two. but it's the interior sections and@mountainous areas that will get the most. maybe one to two feet in the mountains. as far as big cities, scranton, burlington, you have the chance of doing the most shoveling. showery weather will be from boston to new york to d.c. thunderstorms in florida. maybe the chance for rain and rain mixed with snow in the northern plains, but that storm system is small compared with the nor'easter we'll deal with tonight and tomorrow. >>> if you're watchingous wgal news 8 in lancaster, pennsylvania, see how amish quitting influenced designs in modern art and fashion at the grid at the lancaster quit and textile museum. that's your "early today" event of the day, veronica. >>> now here's a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. most nfl players are very worried about the league's labor dispute, but for at least one player, it is actually thrilling. always hun
. more rain is expected across indiana tomorrow, adding to the threat. but in new england, there are fears of floods along connecticut's farmington river. the river is rapidly rising because of downpours. where else in in new england, a snowstorm could make matters worse as property owners take precautions. and in the small town of rayne, louisiana, a deadly twister ripped through over the weekend. utility crews will do their best to restore electric power, after a nightmarish storm. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >>> for the forecast around the country. it will be stormy out west. rain from seattle up to san francisco. up to 2 feet of snow in the sierras and heavy snow in the rockies moving later to the plains. a clipper is bringing light snow from michigan. snow wraps up in vermont and maine. 80 in miami. 60s from new orleans to dallas. a high of 47 in kansas. 33 in minneapolis. 13 in fargo. phoenix warms up to 73. sacramento, 60. boise, 46. >>> danger a look at this as we're getting a look at dramatic pictures from hawaii weighs kilau kilau kilauea volcano. a new ven
in her courtroom. >>> coming up in sports, d.c. united tries to start 2-0 in new england. a pair of nail biting games to the right for the final four. the right for the final four. no problwhat do we have here? oh, it's scotts naturescapes advanced mulch. advanced huh? ehh...mulch is mulch. oh, not so, pops. ordinary mulch can fade after a few months. that's mulch! naturescapes holds its color for a full year. a whole year? guaranteed. plus, it's water smart. water-what? water smart. it channels water directly to the roots... reducing runoff, so you can water 30% less. saves water...holds color... you're sure this is mulch? ♪ [ male announcer ] scotts naturescapes advanced mulch. >>> three months and there's still no sign of felicia barnes. she disappeared three days after christmas while visiting her half sister in baltimore. she went to get something to eat and never came back. >> one, someone did something terrible to phyllicia in baltimore. two she was abducted and taken out of the state of maryland. >> her family says they don't understand how she could just disappear. >>> some re
pressure has built here. everyone heard about the big storm headed for new england, the nor'easter. usually when there's a pig storm on the east coast, the west coast is the opposite, storm free and very nice. that's the case we're dealing with. you can see the clear skies over much of the pacific and down through california. the unfortunate part is that the jet stream is still bringing all that moisture up there into the pacific northwest, that's where it continues to be on the rainy side. it's definitely nice and mild down here from tucson back into areas of arizona, southern nevada and even portions of utah. now the radar, most of the rain once again is on the coast and in the mountains. temperatures are pretty warm, the snow levels are very, very high. it looks like some of the exceptions would be south of seattle driving down interstate 5 to olympia, one area where you'll have to deal with a little bit of rain. the forecast for today, look at l.a., warmest day you've seen in a while, 89 degrees, phoenix at 93, so you got people turning their air conditioners on here while in new englan
now, temperatures have dropped about 20 degrees from new york to boston through new england while we're doing a slow warm-up here in the northern plains. yesterday was negative numbers, so warming up in minneapolis feels like 9 this morning. boston, your windchill is minus 4. hartford is not pleasant, either. it's still chilly from new york to philadelphia. so today's forecast, a winter-like day from washington, d.c. northward. it will be cold out there, the bus stop fort kids, and we're slowly doing the warm-up here in the northern plains, maybe even snow showers in minneapolis. that's a look at your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. >> while that cold air continues through the northern half of the country, the southern half of the nation is looking really nice today. beautiful weather from florida through georgia. houston, up almost near 80 degrees today with partly cloudy skies. gorgeous in arizona. >> lynn, hopefully this will be the coldest day we're going to see until next winter. >> that's what we are all hoping. bill, thank you. >>> the
off a little to the north and east. there's some cooler air bottled up from philly to new england where it's quite chilly now. the mid-atlantic kind of in the battleground zone between the dwindling chilly air in new england and across the southeast, just pleasantly mild here right now. big breezes, they will pick up during the day tomorrow. and temperatures will be a little cooler tomorrow thanks to the rain and additional cloud cover. it's more unsettled weather tomorrow. some increasing cloud cover blowing from the west. a couple of isolated rain showers being picked up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, up in western pennsylvania. but the main storm is still centered well north and west of us, up into the upper midwest now. just beginning to develop. you can actually make out the trailing cold front here. see that sharp cutoff there? in that cloud line over illinois and missouri? that is the boundary, circulation just getting its act together. next storm due in, we'll see the early signs of this, morning showers probably tomorrow, but the main storm i don't think arri
the season opener at home last weekend, d.c. united on the road and facing the new england revolution and it's a homecoming for charlie davies, who scored two goals in the black and red's first game. we're scoreless in the 8th minute. revolution in blue and with that ball and knocking it down. new england up 1-0. and in the 17th minute and on that penalty kick and goes in, 2-0, revolution late in the game. >>> and the arnold palmer invitational and this is the eying oath par 56 and moves him to 4-under par and on 13, doubles for bogy and tiger is 10 shots behind your leader and d the nationals crush the 11- astros, 10-0 this afternoon and hashandez with four -- hernandez with four shutout innings. >>> and we know people want to know about the snow. >> we have a winter weather advisory in effect from 4:00 a.m. to sunday morning until 4:00 p.m. and look at it up to an inch and a lot of slick spots out there. stay away. >> i know and that is it for us at 6. back with more at 10 and thage in ledge. hope you are, too. -- the news edge at 11. ♪ ♪ hello sunshine ♪ sweet as you can be ♪ i lo
and some locals, northern new england, we're talking a heavy, wet snow. we could be digging out for a few days, feet of snow is possible here. lester? >> samantha mohr, thank you. >>> days after president obama said moammar gadhafi must leave libya, the dictator is digging in and stepping up his attacks against rebel forces with a barrage of tank fire in the city of zawiya, a city on the doorstep of tripoli. that's where richard engel is tonight. >> reporter: the libyan government claims to have liberated the town of zawiyah from rebel control. but zawiya today looks more under siege than free. as we tried to drive the 30 miles from tripoli to zawiya, we found the road lined with armored vehicles and checkpoints. we've just been stopped at another checkpoint. and we're told that all the roads leading into zawiya have been blocked. security forces turn journalists away. they told us zawiya was so calm, there was no pint for reporters to go there. but video insize the town shows evidence of major battles under way for the past two days. armored vehicles destroyed, buildings burned and rebel
warning in the poconos and on into new england. this will end up being another spring snowstorm for west virginia and western maryland. several inches of snow anticipated in the interior sections of new england. what is in store for the rest of the weekend? we will check out the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> tonight, u.s. and british officials are applauding two high-profile defections from the gaddafi regime, the bien foreign minister and -- the libyan foreign minister and a general. but it is a bad day still on the battlefield for the gaddafi opposition. >> again today, libyan rebels were in retreat, firing on government forces with what little they have. but taking fire and taking flight. the rebels were moving away from tripoli. muammar gaddafi is regaining ground, but he has lost something that might matter more. the libyan foreign minister defected to britain. he's gaddafi's right-hand man, blamed by some of orchestrating the lockerbie bombing. but without it -- without giving immunity he switched sides. >> the point is, pressure on gaddafi is intense. the people around h
into new england. they are getting a lot of snow in upstate new york and northern new england from that, but we are clearing out here with lots of sunshine. right now a clear sky over the washington monument. and a sunny, blustery morning. by 9:00 it will still be around the mid-30s with windchills in the 20s. and the wind diminish gradually this afternoon with temperatures climbing into the mid-40s by mid-afternoon. a look at your monday night planner coming up at 4:41. jerry, good morning, how is traffic? >>> good morning. we continue to follow breaking news from the overnight accident that occurred a short time ago on 395 northbound in the hov lanes up near washington boulevard. police, fire and rescue crews and investigators remain on the scene. right now traffic is getting by to the right shoulder of the hov lanes. regular lanes completely maintained. we'll keep you updated on this throughout the morning. now to maryland along i-270 where the roads could be a bit slick out of frederick, clarksburg and beyond. that in tigs to the wind. and near georgia avenue we have an accident. an
new england clearing our sky out now. we'll have lots of sunshine today. there's the predawn glow over the potomac river. a live view from the city camera. at 9:00 a.m., 35 degrees with bright sunshine. a blustery wind to settle down by mid-afternoon. then we'll be in the upper 40s and getting cold tonight. i'll tell you how cold as we look at the night planner at 6:11. kimberly and eun? >>> 6:01. breaking news out of montgomery county this morning where police say one person is dead following an accident at the intersection of brink and ridge roads in germantown. >> tracey wilkins is joining us live from the scene with more. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: we are here on route 27. i want to take a look here at the northbound lanes. this is where the accident investigation is happening right there at the area in the road here. we understand that one person has died in this accident. montgomery county police are just beginning the investigation into what happened here. we are told that two vehicles were involved in this crash. but let me just say that this is what the conditions are
/south. this was the path to the civil war. it was a much more complex place and that. new england had a kind of common system of governments. a common religious tradition. within the new england states. is you go further south, new york, new jersey, delaware, pennsylvania, farming, a little further south you get maryland and virginia. very different place. now you have plantations rather than family farms producing tobacco. slaves, a larger slave force but slaves were not unique to the south and chesapeake and a little further to the south you would have south carolina and georgia. i left out north carolina which is between the two. something like 40% of the population and virginia, a majority since then the girl turtle 1708 in south carolina but slavery was everywhere. not just in new england. the remarkable part of it was it wasn't much criticized. the real opposition to slavery came -- except for quakers who saw it was wrong earlier -- because it violated the principles that were expressed for example in the declaration of independence. i don't know if that is what you mean but there is no one pict
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